Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How to Redeem Rewards?

Eligibility: As soon as your account balance reaches to the minimum threshold level of Rs 1200.00, you can redeem your rewards.
How to redeem: After Login to VBA, click on My Account and go to Account Statement page. Click on Redeem Reward button on the extreme top right of account statement. It will show the amount you can redeem. Click on Yes if you want to redeem.
If you are redeeming first time, fill all the fields and upload your one of the photo IDs.
Then fill the Cash Reward & gift reward available in your accounts to redeem. Pls note that both should be in multiple of 100 only. If you want to convert your cash reward into gift pls tick on the box. Then click the submit button. The new page will show you the summary of your balance available in account. Click on confirm button. It will complete your process of redemption. You will also get a notification mail about confirmation of receipt of your redemption request.
Approval: After submission of redemption request it will take minimum 30 days to approve your rewards after successful audit. You will get a notification mail about the same. The list can be viewed on Facebook page of VBA (http://www.facebook.com/LoveVBA) & also in proof of payment under Payment section (http://www.viewbestads.com/index/gallary/flag/payments). You are required to acknowledge the approval of rewards on FB page to get the reward fast.
Cash Component: If you have not opted for conversion of cash reward into gift, then a cheque in your name will be sent by courier/ speed post to your address registered with us. It will take minimum 10 days from the date of approval mail to reach the cheque to you. If you have opted for conversion of cash reward into gift then your whole amount will be converted to Gift rewards and after approval of amount , you can see it in "Approved Gift Amount".
Gift Reward : As soon as you get the approval notification you will be eligible to order any item from our reward section of gift reward value. You are required to click on reward section to select any item of your choice from available item and place the order. If you are selecting gift rewards for the first time, you have to register yourself again in this section. It will take minimum 15 days to reach the gift item to you after placing the request.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Get Free Movie Tickets

In Viewbestads, Just play Quiz (25 question), Score 88% consecutively 3 days in a week (Monday to Sunday) and you are winner. No lucky draw...every winner will get reimbursed ticket along with rewards. (Rs 100 or minimum movie ticket price in the city whichever is lower) however in the week he should have been rewarded minimum 5 times for VBA inbox activity by the VBA admin based on the feedback form.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Play Games And Earn Money

All are want to get money while playing games, I think viewbestads is best option in which you can play quiz and sms games. so you can made small amount of money, In viewbestads 100 quiz question are come, so you attained maximum question for every right question you will get 10 paisa. I know money is small but you can earn with fun.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

rupyalive scam

Rupyalive is scam!! They doesn't give you money but they will satisfy you by showing proof of checks...but please don't believe because I have already tried and not got my check.....so be aware..!!!

Easiest way of earning

Hello friend you all are want to make money at your free time, so in my way you must write your own blog and try to express your ideas that are suitable for peoples who are searching on net , you can made your blog according to your interest, so you can earn with fun. if you maintain your blog atleast six month sure you can made money.I am also blog writer and i made 50$ per month.
guys its a best idea to earn money on internet.or you can promote your blog on your social networking sites.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Viewbestads Pending Payment???

As i written in my earlier post, your payment could be pending, when you are accessing two or more view best ads account from the same computer but the another new policy is same mailing address means your two vba account address could not be same, so please change your permanent address for two different account, in simple way they can only given a paymnet on per house hold.....so guys please be aware!!!
If any buddy have a query please mention me....i will give you a solid reason...!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Earn More With Viewbestads!!

Now its a very good news for all viewbestads users.viewbestads is launching another thing that is viewbestads mailbox,so if you will get a mail in your inbox please check that mail after checking you got a some points, so daily you can earn some rupees with this mailbox.

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